Superman In White Panties

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Bitter sweet and taste like fire
Liquid hardness that kicks the gut
Skull splitting at the aftermath
Vile flavored cocktails in a short while...
Oh! I hate you come daylight
But fucking loves you moonless or not
Your skull marked body, so sexy...
Your neck is what my hands can't stop gripping
While I kiss your round full lips
Wet potent juice, my tongue craved to lick

Wait a while after you settles inside of me
My legs would go wobbly, my vision blurry
Elated feeling while gravity fights my eyelids
Still, I felt like challenging the wind
As my feet sew crisscross on a highway
Singing a song in half tones and
Barking back at the angry dogs protesting while in chain
Daring feeling, stronger emotions...
Like a crazy man, fear escapes me
I am superman wearing white panties
Damn those ugly red undies!

A few moments I'd be out
Oblivion would claim my hazy conscience
But before that, let me cry my heart out
The ebb be admired, with tears, with snot.
Let me laugh as loudly as a cymbal
My spirit be lifted from the ground where it's down
Let me dream of another time
Where I am free of the burdens of now
My body be washed by alcohol's antibacterial chemicals

Carlos Primera, Jose Cuervo
Carlo Rossi, J & B 
Black and Blue...
What good fuckers!
I'd call Ginebra, Carlsberg and San Miguel
Whenever I am in bed with them
Who cares about Toms and Dicks and Harrys!?
Not me... Not me... NOT ME!

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