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It was not an easy road that i took
I stumbled and fall down my knees
Gathered up the last bit of myself
Tried to forget all the hurt and pain

I put up a wall inside my chest
Trying to protect that fragile heart
Desperately wanting to forget
But the more I try, the more it hurts

And then you came into my life..
It scared me

I was scared of the feelings I felt
The thoughts i think when i am with you
I was scared of the possibilities
That might happen if i accept you

I saw the wall.. breaking down
But I started to pick up the pieces
And fixed the wall to hide
Coz I know it's for the best

No, I thought it's for the best..

But sadness filled my heart
Emptiness numbed my core
Darkness swallowed my being
And then I realized I was wrong

As I started to break down that wall
The warmth of your love
Embraced me lovingly
Making me feel content

Assuring that I am safe
That I dont have to worry about anything
The past.. Must be left behind
The future, is just ahead of us


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