Tell Me

Submitted by on Tuesday, 31 May 2016, 03:35 PM | Poem | Tagalog
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A simple hi, we are now together.
As you stayed, I believe in forever.
Then time slowly passes us by,
You left me without saying goodbye.

I do not know what did I miss,
For I always send a goodnight kiss.
You just stood there staring at me,
And asking me to set you free.

You know I will fight for us,
And will not give up so fast.
But why the change of heart,
Just let everything fall apart.

I'm so confused on what to do,
What words to say towards you.
So that we will find another way,
For us to work and be able to stay.

I guess it won't matter anymore,
For you just walk out the door.
Leaving me with nothing at all,
All alone on my own downfall.

You became my own weakness,
At the end of my true...

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