The Sleepover

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The SleepoverMy wife and daughter went away for the weekend. I kissed them goodbye, and watched the car disappear down the street. It was really dark out for being so early in the evening. I had just started making dinner when the thunder crashed loudly and it started to pour.

Just then the doorbell rang, I opened it to find my daughter's best friend standing there in the pouring rain. "Come in!" I said, and held the door for her. Before stepping in, she turned and waved, and I saw a car pull out of the driveway. It was the girl's mother, she waved at me and drove off.

I noticed the girl, Jen, had a backpack with her.

"Hi Jen!"

"Hi Mr. Vianzon" she said.  I always liked Jen, she was a very polite and friendly girl... and super cute.

"Where's Kaitlyn?" she asked.

"Katy went to the church retreat with her Mom for the weekend, didn't she tell you?"

"No... Uhm... well, maybe she mentioned it but I didn't see her at school the past couple of days. Earlier in the week she asked me to sleep over....."

"Tonight? Well... you must have misunderstood"  I said.

Jen looked uncomfortable. She said "Oh, my mom is already gone and she won't be home 'til late tonight. She has a date."

These were the days before cell phones, so there was nothing we could do. "Well, come in and dry off. You can put on some of Katy's clothes and I'll put yours in the dryer."

"Oh, I have clothes in my backpack, Thanks, Mr. Vianzon", she said, and threw a wet hug around me.

"You're welcome, Jen... and please call me Jeff"

"Uhm.. well... OK... J-Jeff!" she said awkwardly and ran down the hall towards Kaitlyn's room.

I thought about Jen, she had been friends with Katy for many years. I had watched her grow up, and I had taken particular notice of her last summer when she came here to swim. She had been secretly developing a very hot little body, her yellow bikini was a knockout against her gorgeous morena skin and hair. I really had a thing for her, any guy would! She was simply beautiful.

I recalled playing with her in the pool, picking her up and throwing her in the water. I remembered how good she felt in my hands and how nice she smelled. Please realize, I played with ALL the kids in the water, girls and boys, so it wasn't suspicuous when I played with Jen. But how I loved it! Especially lifting her petite body with my hands on her waist, or just watching her lay beside the pool with her firm breasts and pussy mound jutting up inside her tiny bikini. Sometimes I had to hide my boner, or swim to the other side of the pool until it went down.

"Here I am, Mr. Jeff!" she said and handed me her wet clothes in a ball.

"It's just Jeff, Jen... you don't need to say Mister. But thanks for being so respectful and polite".

She blushed and went into the family room. I went to the laundry room to throw her clothes in the dryer. Hmmm... jeans, cute top, bra (34B)... and panties. Mmmm, I love panties. They were black boyshorts with lace on the legs and band and a little bow in the center... so cute!  I glanced at the door to make sure there wasn't a witness... and I sniffed them. OMG... so lovely!  There was a wet spot in the center padded section and I tapped my finger into it. Her fragrance was perfect! I felt my dick stir. Then I came to my senses, and feeling like a perv, I slammed the dryer door, started it, and joined Jen in the family room. She was sitting cross-legged on the middle of the sofa wearing blue short-shorts and a white camisole top that she probably intended for sleepwear. Her nipples were gloriously poking out at me. I pretended not to notice and sat across from her in my favorite chair. I pretended to read the paper, but was mostly peeping over or around it at Jen, who was watching tv.

I kept getting accidental glimpses of her pink and yellow panties under the short-shorts. At least I thought they were accidental... at first. It just seemed to be happening a little too often. "That little whore...." I thought, and smiled. I remembered how she had "accidentally" brushed my cock a couple of times in the pool last summer, twice with her hands and once with her bubble-butt. I gave her the benefit of the doubt at the time, that it really was accidental. I felt my cock stir again.

"Jen, have you eaten? I was just starting dinner"

"I had a snack after school, Mist... uh, Jeff".

"Well, I'll throw something in the oven for us then".  I went into the kitched (with a clear view of the family room), and stole glimpses of Jen on the sofa as I found the frozen meals my wife left for me. I threw two them in the oven and meanwhile, I swear I saw Jen rub her pussy over her shorts a couple of times. She was stretched out on the sofa now, wiggling around every few minutes. I enjoyed her little titties flopping around, repositioning themselves as she moved.

It was completely dark and pouring outside as we enjoyed the simple meal at the kitchen table. Occasionally it would thunder hard, and each time Jen jumped in her chair. "I hate storms" she said, "they scare me".

After dinner, we settled down to watch a movie, a horror flick. Still sitting opposite each other, I noticed Jen seemed more frightened than she should be at her age. Maybe it was the storm getting to her, or a combination of the storm and the movie.  So I made some popcorn, and then sat beside her so we could enjoy it together. It was cozy and intoxicating sitting this close to her for so long. I was getting occasional glimpses down her top, and every now and then she put her hand on my leg during a scary part of the movie. She smelled fantastic, so fresh and feminine!

Before the movie was over, the damn power went out. I lit a candle and we waited about 10 minutes for the lights and tv to come back on. Finally, realizing it was out for the duration, I suggested we just go on to bed. Jen said goodnight, kissed my cheek, and went into Katy's room.  I went to the master suite, dropped my pants and laid down. I was still all hot and bothered by Jen and the "panty and nipple show" I had been getting. I still wondered if she was doing it on purpose.

The wind, rain, thunder and lightning was intense now. Despite that,  I was finally drifiting off to sleep when I heard her voice.

"Jeff? May I sleep with you? I'm scared!" The lightning flashed and I saw her standing by the bed. She looked so cute and hot. 

"Jen, Honey....  I don't think that would be appropriate", I said.

"But, I'm REALLY scared! I won't tell anyone, promise!

"Umm... OK then..." I pulled back the covers and she climbed in.

"Thanks Jeff! You're so sweet" she said and leaned over and kissed me on the cheek again. I felt her shivering, poor thing! I guess she really was scared. I moved as far from her as I could and turned my back to her, even though I wanted exactly the opposite. I wanted to hold her, comfort her, kiss her.... feel her hot little body......  Damn, now I had a hard on. This was going to be a long and painful night.

I must have moved in my sleep, because I woke up an hour or so later and I was facing her. She was facing away from me, curled up with her butt on my dick. I could feel the satin of her panty against me. For a minute, I thought she was my wife, and I instinctively put my arm on the curve between her hips and waist and snuggled closer. Then I realized who I was holding!  Saying nothing, Jen arched her back and pushed her butt further into my cock, she grasped my hand on her waist and held it.

"It's OK, Jeff"  she whispered,  "I like it.....".

I was torn between proceeding and stopping this. My dick won out. I was now hard as a rock as Jen pushed her round bubble butt against it. It was still raining as we lay there. I wondered if her heart was beating as fast as mine was. There was no chance of sleep now, and no use pretending.

She broke the silence by whispering, "I've been wanting you a looong time, Jeff. Remember in the pool? I wanted you then, too." So, it wasn't an accident! There was silence for a moment, I realized she was waiting for me to say something.  "I've been wanting you too, Jen... for a long time, but you were so... so.. y-young then."

"I'm all grown up now, Jeff" she said, and rolled around and kissed me. Wow! She tasted great and felt so good in my arms. Her little body was so tight and warm. She felt wonderful. We made out for a while and then she pushed me onto my back and went down on me. I could tell she was no stranger to this, she knew exactly what she was doing as she pulled my undies off and got busy.

She started by licking, up and down until I was completely wet. Then she stroked me with her hand as she kissed and licked my balls. Everytime she would bring me to the edge, she would stop and squeeze my dick very hard. When she did this, the urge to cum would disappear... then she would slowly resume, sucking and stroking, with increasing speed and intensity until I was near the peak again. Then the bitch would stop! I could barely hold it! She brought me to the edge and back at least 5 times and my balls hurt now. This little girl sure knew her way around a man's anatomy!

Finally, she let up. I still had not cum, my balls ached and the head of my dick was numb and tingly. I could have pounded nails into oak with my hard cock.

"My turn!" she laughed and rolled onto her back, "Eat my fucking pussy. Jeff. Now!"

I pulled up her shirt and freed her of her panty. I went between her legs and started licking, tenderly and slowly like I always thought girls wanted it. 

Not like that, Jeff... fucking suck it!  Suck my cunt, dammit!"  The sweet girl was talking dirty and I was shocked but loving it. "Yeah, that's it... that's the way to eat my pussy!"  she said as I sucked one side of her outer labia into my mouth. It was like giving her puki a giant hickey. I never sucked a girls puffy pussy cheek into my mouth like that! "Harder!  Suck me harder, Jeff! Suck my cunt! Make it hurt!"  I did one side and then the other. I was like a fucking vacuum cleaner, sucking her labia.

"Aray!  Owwwww..... YES, keep on!".  So I did, alternating sides until I was sure it was getting sore. Then, I went for the middle and was surprised to find she had a damn good sized clit!  I've been around a little, certainly not the most experienced man in the world, but I've had my share of pussy. I had never seen a clit like hers. It was so sexy!  As puffy as her cunt was, her clit was poking out in between, dark pink and looking almost angry. The hood was already pulled back, as though she had a boner. I flicked it with my tongue and then sucked it as I had sucked her labia. She grabbed my ears and bucked, forcing her cunt into my face.

"Eat it, Jeff! Faster!"  I did my very best to please her, I treated her frantically and rougher than I ever did my wife or any other. And she took it all eagerly and wanted more!

"YESSSSSSS!" she was almost yelling now. Good thing the storm was raging outside, no one could possibly hear. Then... it happened.

She squirted, I mean she really squirted! But it wasn't like wifey squirts, wifey emits a dainty little stream from the glands around her pee hole. But Jen squirted from her pussy... and it wasn't a stream... it was a fucking GUSH!  She flooded my mouth and I choked. She had my entire face pressed against her pussy and it just emitted like I've never seen. There was no way to catch it. I choked and some of it flowed out of my mouth to join the excess hitting the sheets, but I swallowed what I could.

"Come up here, Jeff" she said between breaths, "that was great. Now FUCK ME!" I did as I was told. I inserted my dick into that amazing cunt and slammed it all the way in "Ughhh!".  She was tight, very tight, but there was no trouble getting in and bottoming out. She had incredible muscle control, it felt as if there was a hand in there gripping me and stroking. I could feel her rippled pussy muscles milking me up and down in time with my strokes. "Yessssss, good! Keep going Jeff! Keep fucking my little pussy" Damn! This dirty talk was going to make me blow my load. I felt like there was already 4 or 5 loads in there from the blowjob she gave me. My balls still hurt and they were heavy as hell. They smacked her asshole every time I bottomed out in her cunt.

"I AM fucking your little pussy, you bitch!" It just popped out. I guess I lost my head with the dirty talk. "And I'll keep fucking your tight little slut cunt as long as I want to!"  Bam! Bam! Bam!  I had never fucked so hard or been so disrespectful during lovemaking... It felt great! I never thought I would enjoy being degrading to a partner. But the more I fucked, the dirtier I got. "You nasty little bitch! Does your mama know you fuck older men? You little whore...."!

She began begging: "Cum in my mouth.... please?  Cum in my mouth, Jeff!  I wanna taste your fucking cum!"...

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