Virgin or Not

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I was triggered when I've read something in here and all the sarcasm and rudeness went thru my ears up to my head. Hahaha!

So just in case you haven't read this yet, let me share this to you with all the emphasis in every word. Let me repeat. In. Every. Word.

"Listen. Listen. Listen. If you are a virgin and waiting for marriage, that's wonderful and I celebrate and honor you for that. HOWEVER, that doesn't give you the right to turn your nose up to those of US who are not and are waiting for marriage. Purity is MORE THAN your legs being closed. It's a reflection of WHAT'S IN YOUR HEART. Turning your nose up like you are better than someone who did fall into pre-marital sex shows a self-righteous heart. Your Virginity is only as good as your heart towards others....

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