What a nice sext-perience

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Sa wakas. After quite a bit of taking chances and looking here and there, I managed to find people who are quite interested in me. I didn't think this would happen though. But hey, whatever happens, happens.

There's this girl who contacted me before, and I had a hard time contacting her because of her settings, hindi ako makasend ng e-mail sa kanya. So I managed to drop a few hints, and thankfully, she got it. And man, was it worth the wait.

Sexting is one thing I don't usually do. I was looking for a more heated-up, and something to satisfy my eyes (because guys are very visual) like camsex. I would even settle for sex on call, because moaning, especially when not faked, really turns me on.

But this girl was really amazing. No pictures. Just pure chat in Skype. And damn, was I ever so turned on by her.

What turns me on about her is that she is willing to listen to my fantasies and she plays along with the things I want to do. She even said that she doesn't want me to do things I'm not comfortable doing, and she asks me if it's too much, or if I can handle it. I like that, actually.

We had already three sext sessions, and every single time, lagi akong tigasan, and I cum a lot. Unusual, since di ko feel ang sexting.

I am very much looking for...

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