What Do You Think Why Older Guys Are Hotter Than Younger Guys?

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pacenxia n po sa youngrr guys. No offense.

Nowadays, marami po kasi ako kakilala at my age who had a relationship with older guys (married or single) even in my neighborhood, in our block almost 60% of young women have older guys. Even me was unintentionally attracted to the guy 20 years older, i was lucky enough i've able stay away from him, buti na lng hindi cia mabilis sa sex hanggang petting lng kami at nakayanan ko pang pigilan cia to not go beyond baka hirap ako makalayo sa kanya. Maisip ko kasi ako din ang talo if we continue, and i dont want to be a home wrecker. Nakita ko kazi sa father ko he is a product of a broken family and he had a hardtime dealing such thing he even lost respect to women, for 8 years time he had 58 gf and wssting their money and studies were taken for granted.

By the way, i asked this question coz i wanted to know some possible reason kung bakit naging attactive ang older guys to women like me early 20. Even me, hindi ko maintindihan kung bakit ako naattract sa kanila. Kahit ngayun me papansin na naman na guy 10 years older than me. I wanted to be aware...

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