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For our bond began with Hi and Hello
We chattered and laughed; our mind to and fro
Queer tenderness engulfed my inner core
I am smothered yet craving for more

Heretofore I had sundry paramours
Yet no one likens to you, my darling
Is it lechery or fervent ardor?
Will it last or just another bearing?

I have striven to flee away from you
Disdain this fancy craze, I hold for you
For my heart still trussed with another bloke
Renewing myself for the life he broke

We apprise tales more often till twilight
Grasping each other’s lucid, mighty mind
How dare you to denounce my sanity
Enchanted by your cheerful melody

Your sweet, gentle caresses, appeased me
Your fragrance lingers, it fills my muzzle
I am entranced! Lord! Spare your mercy
For I am still chained, in his profane muddle

In quotidian, the mysteries you convey
The ardent passion, you wholly proclaim
For I am hailed to your poignant domain
Thrilled with euphoria, gushing through my veins

I hear your sighs, your erotic whimpers
Our furtive moments, you soulful whispers
I feel your frantic strokes against my skin
Your fervid yearnings, making me squeal!

Our imminence brings tingling sensation
Driven by prudence; barren of reason
Fornication in the absence of light
It fulfills my ache.. A splendid delight!

Oh my dear, are you the lover I seek?
Or a transient gent, I fortuitously meet
Or merely a chap with in dire of need
To amend a heart and a broken creed?

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