Witnessed By The Stars

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On that night of all nights
I penetrate into your womanhood;
On that moment of all moments
We’ve got ourselves into “love-mood”.

Memories of heart, images of love
What a wonderful night filled with love;
That night becomes a ritual of love
Sweetly repeated all out of love.

One in mind, marriage of hearts
Mysteries of love unfold before us;
Tight embrace with torrid kisss
Day by day we ever miss.

Polarity of emotions like a dark night
Besieged my heart like a flickering light;
Thinking of your past cuts me like a knife
Clouded my vision like a shadow to moonlight.

Regrets and frustrations beset me
Longing for something which can never be;
Hurting words are said mindlessly
Wishing consolations in your company.

And yet your love lifts me up
For it flows freely from your heart;
That love never fails to cheer me up
As the only champ in your heart.

Counting my way in
Wishing for it not to end;
Doing it over and over again
My desire for you at all times remain.

How beautiful to be in love
How wonderful to be with you my love;
We seize the moment as we intensely fuck
The union of two bodies bound by LOVE.

This is the story witnessed...

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