Young Love at 40

Submitted by on Sunday, 6 May 2018, 12:32 AM | Poem | English
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That familiar tingling feeling
Heart beats fast.. butterflies in the stomach
The goosebumps.. the blushing
Just a glimpse.. and its like youre having an attack

Oh I missed this, the magic of young love
A place full of roses, without care
When you're with each others arms
Against all odds... you dont give a fucking damn!

Innocent and pure.. naahh
Uncontrollable, rebellious.. yup
But who cares about what they think.. not us
We love each other too much

We build our world with every kiss.. every touch
Block by block with hope.. cemented it with trust
Until it grows bigger.. bigger than we can imagine
But....., the inevitable will come

You're twenty years late
You're free... Im not
And this young love at 40 will fade
Like a teener's dream it'll crash

Then we realize, what we build is just a sand castle..
Easily washed away b...

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